Class Descriptions




Pre Ballet Age 4-6

A Class, Age 7 & 8

Preschool Division introduces students to the world of dance through music  and movement.  Designed to develop coordination,  musicality and  kinetic awareness.   The social skills, awareness, and  love for the arts  that students develop at CBT will follow them throughout their lives.  A prelude to formal ballet instruction, students will develop a foundation for ballet technique in a learning environment that fosters a love for dance and music. Class begins with warm-up exercises and floor stretches that develop flexibility and posture, followed by standing exercises which may be done at the ballet barre, and traveling steps to encourage development of gross motor skills. Students begin to learn French vocabulary, movement expression, and proper ballet etiquette in a  non-competitive atmosphere. Through this class students will dance to a combination of classical, folk and traditional music

Pre-Ballet Dress

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

A Ballet Dress

Light Blue  leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes  Hair up




(Age 9 & 10)

Students will learn the classical ballet vocabulary,  proper placement,                 flexibility, and  to accomplish correct dance movements.  Students begin , learning the basic ballet positions, the progression of a standard ballet barre, and learning the French vocabulary that defines all ballet steps.  The student moves into beginning centre work, away from the support of the ballet barre. When the student learns the ballet technique appropriate for each level and when the student’s body has become strong enough to accomplish the movements taught, then at the discretion of the Artistic Director, the student moves to the next level  where more intricate steps and combinations are introduced.  Advancement is based on ability, not age. A Jazz/Tap class is also offered as an optional second weekly class for this division!

2X/per week mandatory

Optional jazz     highly suggested.

B Ballet Dress

Burgundy  leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Hair up.   Black Jazz pants, and  shoes


Intermediate &  Pre-Professional 


(“B2”, Age 10 & 11, “C” Age 12-14, and “D” Age 13-18)

Serious students with a high interest  in dance.  These students  are placed by faculty only. Students are expected to enjoy the  challenge and to excel in their career-track  classes.  Often students are Included in the professional productions of CBT. Participation in these classes requires a minimum of 3  classes a week, with  5-7 classes  expected for older students.  No student who takes less than 3 classes per week  will be allowed in pointe classes.

2X/per week or more mandatory. Optional jazz/tap highly suggested.

C/D Ballet Dress

Black  leotard, pink tights,  pink ballet shoes, Hair up. Black Jazz pants, & shoes